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Deciding on the executor of your will is almost as important as writing the will itself – with Taylor Hall’s professional Executor Services, you can be sure that your will is in good hands.

What does an Executor do?

An Executor is the person who is responsible for carrying out the wishes you have expressed in your will correctly after they die. They have control over the administration and distribution of your estate, and can face consequences if they make a mistake – even an accidental one. You should name at least one Executor in your will, although 2 or more is advisable.

Why should you choose a Professional Executor?

Although many people choose to name a spouse, child or relative as their Executor, this is not always a wise decision. Putting this level of responsibility on a loved one, who is more than likely not experienced in handling complex financial matters, at an already difficult time could potentially lead to errors.

Give yourself and your family peace of mind by naming a professional organisation like Taylor Hall Financial Services as your Executor.

We want to make sure your wishes are carried out efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to your family.

To arrange your free consultation with Taylor Hall Financial Services, contact us on 0191 516 1045 today.

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